Sunday, 7 April 2013

How to make money on Squidoo

Before I came across One Week Marketing I had never heard of Squidoo.
Image courtesy of GreekGeek
The One Week Marketing course showed me how to make money on Squidoo so I created a lens about My personal Squidoo Journey.

Well I have had to completely rewrite this post because Squidoo has been having a major overhaul over the last couple of months and has been "locking" web pages left right and center. Some of the first to go were those that showed people how to make money and although my page had a lot of useful information about making your page look good with html it was one of the casualties. The others hit were pages that they considered were too commercial so aimed at making money.

However I was lucky - firstly I only lost a couple of my lenses (pages) and secondly because I was part of the One Week Marketing family and as the course is based on making money online for free, Jennifer, the instructor there soon found an alternative place for us to put our locked content.

You pay just a one off fee and your membership is for life - no monthly payments like most courses and you know that Jennifer (aka. Pot Pie Girl) is on your side.

If you want to find out more about the course then just click here!

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